Stowaways Clause for Time Charter Parties 2009

(a) If stowaways have gained access to the Vessel by means of secreting away in the goods and/or containers or by any other means related to the cargo operation, this shall amount to breach of charter. The Charterers shall be liable for the consequences of such breach and hold the Owners harmless and keep them indemnified against all claims; costs (including but not limited to victualling costs for stowaways whilst on board and repatriation); losses; and fines or penalties, which may arise and be made against them. The Charterers shall, if required, place the Owners in funds to put up bail or other security. The Vessel shall remain on hire for any time lost as a result of such breach.

(b) Save for those stowaways referred to in sub-clause (a), if stowaways have gained access to the Vessel, all expenses, including fines or penalties, shall be for the Owners’ account and the Vessel shall be off hire for any time lost.




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