Scrap Protecting Clause

Charterers have liberty to cany only one cargo of HMS 1 & 2 and or shredded scrap (whether
it be full or part cargo), during the entire currency of main period and also only one cargo in
optional period if exercised on following conditions.
1. The scrap mentioned here in only limited to HMS 1 & 2 and or shredded scrap
specifically excluding motor blocks and turnings and also metal borings and cuttings.
2. Charterers undertake that loading of first layer of scrap not to be released until
touching tank top and not to be dumped/dropped during loading. First layer of scrap
to be loaded at height and to be evenly stowed/trimmed to satisfaction of Master
before loading balance cargo.
3. Charterers undertake to supply on board at their expense, dunnages and/or other
materials which Master consider necessary to provide safe protection from damage by
loading scrap.
4. Scrap not to be last cargo prior redelivery.
5. Prior to loading scrap, hold condition survey to be conducted by an independent
surveyor at Charterers time /expense and same to be done immediately after
completion of discharge.
In case of any damage to the vessels Australian hold ladders and any other
parts/places of the vessel caused by loading such scrap cargo Charterers to be
responsible for repairs to bring parts/places to same condition as prior to loading
scrap before commencement of next voyage.
6. Any extra expenses resulting therefromJincurred thereby (such as hold cleaning to
Master’s satisfaction/hold survey etc.) any detention through any of above 5 causes to
be for Charterers’ account. Charterers have right to use vessel’s crew for hold
cleaning after carrying scrap paying US$1,500.00 per hold including eventual touch
up vessel’s hold paint.

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