Sanctions Clause for Time Charter Parties

(a) The Owners shall not be obliged to comply with any orders for the employment of the Vessel in any carriage, trade or on a voyage which, in the reasonable judgement of the Owners, will expose the Vessel, Owners, managers, crew, the Vessel’s insurers, or their re-insurers, to any sanction or prohibition imposed by any State, Supranational or International Governmental Organisation.

(b) If the Vessel is already performing an employment to which such sanction or prohibition is subsequently applied, the Owners shall have the right to refuse to proceed with the employment and the Charterers shall be obliged to issue alternative voyage orders within 48 hours of receipt of Owners’ notification of their refusal to proceed. If the Charterers do not issue such alternative voyage orders the Owners may discharge any cargo already loaded at any safe port (including the port of loading). The Vessel to remain on hire pending completion of Charterers’ alternative voyage orders or delivery of cargo by the Owners and Charterers to remain responsible for all additional costs and expenses incurred in connection with such orders/delivery of cargo. If in compliance with this Sub-clause (b) anything is done or not done, such shall not be deemed a deviation.

(c) The Charterers shall indemnify the Owners against any and all claims whatsoever brought by the owners of the cargo and/or the holders of Bills of Lading and/or sub-charterers against the Owners by reason of the Owners’ compliance with such alternative voyage orders or delivery of the cargo in accordance with Sub-clause (b).

(d) The Charterers shall procure that this Clause shall be incorporated into all sub-charters and Bills of Lading issued pursuant to this Charter Party.




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