Salt Protective Clause

Charterers have liberty to carry only one cargo rock salt, (whether it be full or part cargo),
during the entire currency of this Charter on following conditions:
A) Charterers undertake to use holds as less as possible, provided vessel’s stability
trim and stress permitting:
B) Before loading all holds assigned for salt to be lime-washed by Charterers at
their time/expense/risk to satisfaction of Master and independent surveyors
appointed by Charterers at their time/expense;
C) Cargo to be loaded/stowed/trimmed/discharged strictly according to latest IMO
and/or any other latest regulations/rules applicable to such cargo;
D) All fresh water used for irrigation onto salt during loading/voyage/discharging to
be Charterers’ account;
E) After discharge Charterers to supply sufficient fresh water at their expense for
washing down of all holds;
F) Such cargo not to be first cargo after delivery nor the last cargo prior to
G) Any extra expenses resulting there from/incurred thereby (such as hold cleaning
to Master’s satisfaction/hold survey etc.) and any detention through any of above
causes to be for Charterer’s account.
H) Charterers are allowed to use ship’s crew to perform lime-washing and removal
of same and re-painting as necessary against paying US$ 6,000.00 lumpsum, but
always subject to prior consent of Master/crew and local regulations peiiiiitting,
and all time used to be for Charterers’ account. Owners/Master are not held
responsible for passing hold cleanliness for loading next cargo and for any
consequences whatsoever caused due to such arrangement.
The liberty granted to Charterers herein is subject to Charterers guarantees that the abovementioned
commodities will be not carried in consecutive shipments/voyages. Owners have
right to withdraw the liberty granted to Charterers herein in case of any breach of above by

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