Hold Cleaning/Residue Disposal Clause For Time Charter Parties

a) The Charterers may request the Owners to direct the crew to sweep and/or wash and/or clean the holds between voyages and/or between cargoes against payment at the rate of ……. per hold, provided the crew is able safely to undertake such work and is allowed to do so by local regulations. In connection with any such operation the Owners shall not be responsible if the Vessel’s holds are not accepted or passed. Time for cleaning shall be for the Charterers’ account.

b) All materials (including chemicals and detergents) required for cleaning of cargo holds shall be supplied by and paid for by the Charterers.

c) Throughout the currency of this Charter Party and at redelivery, the Charterers shall remain responsible for all costs and time, including deviation, if any, associated with the removal and disposal of cargo related residues and/or hold washing water and/or chemicals and detergents and/or waste as defined by MARPOL Annex V, Regulation 1 or other applicable rules relating to the disposal of such substances.


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