EU Advance Cargo Declaration Clause for Time Charter Parties 2012

(a) If the Vessel loads cargo in any EU port or place destined for a port or place outside the EU (“Exported”) or loads cargo outside the EU destined for an EU port or place or passing through EU ports or places in transit (“Imported”), the Charterers shall, for the purposes of this Clause, comply with the requirements of the EU Advance Cargo Declaration Regulations (the Security Amendment to the Community Customs Code, Regulations 648/2005; 1875/2006; and 312/2009) or any subsequent amendments thereto and shall, in their own name, and in their time and at their expense:

(i) Have in place an EORI number (Economic Operator Registration and Identification);

(ii) Provide the Owners with a timely confirmation of (i) above as appropriate; and

(iii) Where the cargo is being:

1. Exported: Submit, or arrange for the submission of, a customs declaration for export or, if a customs declaration or a re-export notification is not required, an exit summary declaration; or

2. Imported: Submit, or arrange for the submission of, an entry summary declaration.

Unless otherwise permitted by the relevant customs authorities, such declarations shall be submitted to them electronically.

(b) The Charterers assume liability for and shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Owners against any loss and/or damage and/or any expenses, fines, penalties and all other claims of whatsoever nature, including but not limited to legal costs, arising from the Charterers’ failure to comply with any of the provisions of sub-clause (a). Should such failure result in any delay then, notwithstanding any provision in this Charter Party to the contrary, the Vessel shall remain on hire.


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