Deck cargo Protective Clause

Charterers have the option to load deck cargo at Charterers’ risk and expenses subject to
a) Vessel is not allowed to load timber/lumbers on deck.
b) Deck cargo to be loaded at Charterers’ risk and expenses and responsibility.
c) Charterers guarantee the intended deck cargo to be loaded is always not to exceed
vessels deck strength and stability.
d) Deck cargo to be properly dunnaged/lashed/secured ay Master’s and surveyor’s
discretion and to their satisfaction and at Charterers’ time and expenses, and any
damages on vessel by loaded deck cargo to be for Charterers’ risk.
e) The wording of deck cargo and vessel/Owners/carrier will not be responsible for
damage to and loss of cargo to be marked on Bill(s) of Lading.
0 For safe transiting Suez/Panama Canal and outlook purpose Charterers are
responsible to build up passages strictly complying with canal authority’s
rules/regulations and to Master’s/surveyor’s/canal authorities satisfaction.
Charterers consult directly with Master for the bonus on deck cargo re-dunnaging/relashing/
re-tightening during the sea passage from loading port to discharge port.
h) Owners/vessel not responsible for the damage and/or losses and/or wash away of
deck cargo howsoever caused nor responsible for number of pieces stated in Bills of
Lading. Furthermore no cargo is allowed to be loaded on any hatch covers.
i) Any damage caused to vessel’s structure resulted from the deck cargo loaded to be all
for Charterers account/time/responsibility and any other consequences whatsoever
relating to cargo loaded on deck, any cargo claims which may impulse by cargo
interest to be settled directly by Charterers at their time/risk/expenses.

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