a.a. Always afloat
a.a.r. Against all risks
A.B. Able-bodied seaman
AC Anchored
A/C Account current
a/c Account
Acc Accepted, Acceptance
A&CP Anchors and chains proved
ACU Anchor Up
Ad.val Ad valorem
a/d After date
Add Addressed
adv Advice
AF All Fast
A.F. Advanced freight
Agt Agent. Against
a.h. After hatch
amt Amount
a/o Amount of
A/P Additional premium
A.P. Average payable
AP Arrival Port
appro Approval
approx Approximately
A/R All Risks
A/S After Sight, Account sales, Alongside
A.T American terms (grain)
At.wt. Atomic weight
aux Sailing vessel with auxiliary engine
Av. Average
avdp Avoirdupois
B/- Bale, bag
bal Balance
bar Barrel
B.B. Below bridge
B.C. Bristol channel
B.D Bankers draft, bar draught
b/d Brought down
bdi Both dates inclusive
Bdls Bundles
Bds Boards
B/E Bill of exchange, Bill of entry
b/f Brought forward
B/G Bonded goods
Bg Bag
B/H Bill of health, Bordeaux hamburg
BHP Brake horse power
Bk Bank, Backwardation, Book
Bkr Bunkers
B/L Bill of Lading
Bls Bales, barrels
bm Board measures (timber)
BO Buyer’s option
B/O Brought over
BOT Board of trade
B/P Bills payable
BR Builders risks, Bourdeaux or Rouen (grain trade)
B/R Bills receivable
Brl Barrel
BS Balance sheet, Boiler survey
B/S Bill of sale, Bill of store
B/s Bags, Bales
BSF British shipping federation
B/st Bill sight
BST British summer time
bt Berth terms
BTU British thermal unit
BV Bureau Veritas
bxs Boxes
C. Collected, Currency, Centigrade
c/- Case
cancl Cancelled
CB Cash book
CB&H Continent between bordeaux and hamburg
CC Civil commotions, Current cost, Continuation clause
CCI Continuation clause
cd country damage
C&D Collected and delivered
c&f Cost and freight
cf Cubic feet, Carried forward
c/f Carried forward
cfo Coast for orders
CGA Cargo’s proportion of general average
cif Cost, insurance and freight
cif&c Cost,insurance freight and commission
cifc&e Cost, insurance ,freight, commission and exchange
cld Cleared
CH&H Continent between havre and hamburg
CH Custom house
c&i Cost and insurance
CI Consular invoice, Channel island
c/i Certificate of insurance
CIE Captain’s imperfect (customs) entry
chq Cheque
c/l Craft loss
C/k Cask
CN Cover note, Consigment note, Credit note
C/O Certificate of origin, Cash order , Case oil
c/o Carried over. Care of
COD Cash on delivery
Com Commission
Consgt Consignment
Cont Continenet (of Europe)
Cont.B/H Continenet Bordeaux-Hamburg range
Cont.H/H Continent Havre-Hamburg range
convs Conveyances
C/P Charter-party
cpd Charterers pay dues
CR Current rate. Carriers risks, Company risk
Cr Credit.Creditor
CS Colliery screened. Cotton seed
c/s Cases
CTC Corn trade clauses
CTI Constructive total loss
CTLO Constructive total loss only
cum Cumulative
Cur Current
cv Chief value
cwt Hundredweight
CW Commarcial weight
cwo Cash with order
cifc&i Cost, insurance, freight, commission and interest
cifLt Cost, insurance and freight London terms
D/A Documents against acceptance
Da Discharge afloat
daa Discharge always afloat
db Deals and battens (timber)
dbb Deals battens and boards
DB Day book
Dbk Drawback
DC Deviation clause.Detention clause
DD Damage done
d.d. due date
D/D Demand draft. Delivered at docks
D/d Days after date
dd Delivered
dd/s Delivered sound
DD&Shpg Dock dues and shipping
ddo Despatch discharging only
df Dead freight
dft Draft
Dis Discount
dlo Despatch loading only
dely&re-dely Delivery and re-delivery
D/N Debit note
D/O Delivery order
DOT Department of trade
D Discharge
D/P Documents against payman
dp Direct port
DP Departure Port
D/R Deposit receipt
Dr Debit. Debtor. Drawer
D/s Days after sight
DTI Department of trade and industry
D/W Dock warrant
dw Deadweight
dwc Deadweight capacity
dwt Pennyweight
dy Delivery
EC East coast
ECA East coast of africa
ECCP East coast coal port (GB)
ECGB East coast of great britain
ECI East coast of Ireland
ECUK East coast of the united kingdom
EDH Efficient deck hand
EE Errors excepted
eg Exempli gratia (for example)
EI East Indies
E&OE Errors and omission excepted
eohp Except otherwise herein provided
eq Equivalent
est Estimated
ETA Estimated time of arrival
ETB Estimated Time of Berting
ETD Estimated Time of Departure And others
et.seq And the following (singular)
et.seqq And the following (plural)
Ex Excluded, Out of, with out, Examined, Exchange, Executed
Exd Examined
Exs Expenses
fa Free alongside
FAA Free of all average
fac Fast as can
F&D Freight and demmurrage
faq Fair average quality
fas Free alongside ship
FC&S Free of capture and seizure
Fco Franco
fcsrcc Free of capture seizure, riots and civil commotions
fd Free discharge. Free delivery, Free despatch, Free docks
fio Free in and out
fios Free in and out and stowed
ffa Free from alongside, Free foreign agency
fg Fully good
FGA Foreign general average
fgf Fully good fair
fh Fore hatch
fia Full interest admitted
fib Free into bunkers, Free into barge
fit Free of income tax
fiw Free into wagon
fl Florin
fln Following landing numbers
fo For orders, Firm offer, Full out
fob Free on board
foc Free on car. Free of charge
fod Free of damage
foq Free of quay
for Free of rail
fort Full out rye terms
forwd Forward
fos Free on ship
fot Free on truck
fow Free on wagon. First open water
FP Floating policy. Fully paid
FPA Free from particular average
FPAA Free from partcular average absolutely
FPAucb Free from particular average unless caused by (stranding etc.)
fpil Full premium if lost
F/R Freight release
fr&cc Free of riots and civil commotions
frc Free of reported casualty
frof Fire risk on freight
Frt Freight
Frt.fwd Freight forward
Frt.ppd Freight paid
ft Full terms
FTW Free trade wharf
fwd forward
fwd Fresh water damage
FYI For Your Information
G/A General average
G/A con General average contribution
G/A dep General average deposit
GB Great Britain
gbo Goods in bad order
GCT Greenwich civil time
GF Government form (chartering)
gfa Good fair average
GM Good middling
gmb Good merchantable brand
gmq Good merchantable quality
GMT Greenwich mean time
gob Good ordinary brand
gr Grain .Gross
grt Gross register tonnage
gs Good safety
gsm Good sound merchantable
GT Gross tonnage
guar Guaranteed
GV Grand vitese (fast goods train)
HA or D Havre Antwerp or Dunkirk
H&M Hull and materials
H/C Held covered
h&o Hook and oil (damage)
hf Half
H/H Havre to Hamburg
hhd Hogshead
hhdw Heavy handy deadweight scrap
HM.etc Hull machinery etc
HP Horse power
HPN Horse power nominal
hr.hrs Hour. hours
HT Half time (survey)
HW High water
HWM High water mark
IATA International air transport Association
IB Invoice book
ICAO International civil aviation organisation
IC&C Invoice cost and charges
ICC Institute cargo clauses
IHP Indicated horse power
IMO Int. maritime organisation
inc Increase. Inclusive
int Interest
ince Insurance
i/o In and , or over
IOM Isle of man
iop Irrespective of percentage
IOW Isle of Wight
ipf Intake piled fathom
IR Inland revenue
iv Invoice value.Increased value
J/A Joint account
j&wo Jettison and washing
KD Knocked down
KID Key industry duty
L Load
LL Last Line
lat Latitude
L/A Letter of authority, Landing account, Lloyd’s agent
lds Loads
LAT Linseed association terms
LC London clause
L/C Letter of credit Label clause
LCTA London corn trade association
Ld Load
ldg Loading Landing
Ldg&Dely Landing and delivery
LHAR London, Hull, Antwerp or Roterdam
LIP Life insurance policy
Lkg&Bkg Leakage and Breakage
LLT London landed terms
Li&Co’s Lloyd and companies
LMC Lloyd’s machinery certificate
lmc Low middling clause (cotton)
long Longitute
loc.cit In the place stated
loco On the spot
LQT Liverpool Quay terms
LRMC Lloyd’s refrigeration machinery certificate
LS Locus sigilli (place of the sea)
ls Lump sum
ltg Lighterage
Lt.V Light vessel
ltr Lighter
L/U Laid up
lwl Load water line
LW Low water
M Nautical miles
m Mile. Minute .metre
M/A My account
MC Machinery certificate
M/C Metalling clause
m/c Metallic currency
M/d Months after date
M/D Memorandum of deposit
md Malicious damage
MDHB Mersey docks and harbour board
mfrs Manufacturers
mh Main hatch
MHWS Mean high water springs
Min.B/L Minimum bill of lading
Min.wt Minimum weight
MIP Marine insurance policy
mkt Market
MLWS Mean low water spring
MM Mercantile marine
mm Made merchantable
MMA Merchandise marks act
MMO Mercantile marine office
MNEA Merchant navy establishment office
MNTB Merchant navy training board
mo Month
MOH Medical officer of health
M/R Mate’s receipt
MS Motor ship. Machinery survey
M/s Months after sight
MSA Merchant shipping act
MSC Manchester ship canal
mst Measurement
MT Mean time
mt Empty
MTL Mean tide level
MV Motor vessel
N/a No advice .No account
NA North americe.Not absolutely
naa Not always afloat
N/C New charter.New crop, No charge
NCV No commercial value
ND No discount
nd non-delivery
ndw Net deadweight
ne Not exceeding
NE No effects
nep Not elsewhere provided
nes Not elsewhere specified
N/f No funds
NF Newfoundland
NHP Nominal horse power
NMB National maritime board
N/m No mark
N/o No orders (banking)
nom.std Nominal standart
nn Not north of
n/n No number
nop Not otherwise provided
nor Not otherwise rated
np Net proceeds
NR Northern range(of usa ports)
N/R Not reported
nr Net register. No risk
nrad No risk after discharge
nral No risk after landing
nras No risk after shipment
nrt Net register tons
nrtor No risk till on rail
nrtwb No risk till waterborne
NS Nova scotia
n/s Not sufficient
nspf Not specially provided for
NSW New south wales
NT Net tonnage
N/t New terms (grain load)
Nt.wt. Net weight
NYT New york mean time
o/a On account of
oa Over all
O/C Open charter, Old charter , Old crop, Open cover
o/c Overcharge
oc.B/L Ocean bill of lading
o/c.d Other cargo damage
o/d On demand. On deck
O/o Order of
OEEC Organisation for European economics Co-operation
OP Open policy
OR Owners risk
ORB Owner’s risk of breakage
ORC Owner’s risk of chafage
ORD Owner’s risk of damage
ORF Owner’s risk of fire
O/S Off slip. Open slip
O/s On sale. On sample. Out of stock
O/t Old terms (grain trade)
ot On truck
oz Ounce
pa Per annum
P/A Particular average. Power of attorney Private account
PB Permanent bunkers
P/C Price current, Petty cash, Per cent
P.chgs Particular charges
pcl Parcel
pcs Pieces
PD Port dues
pd Paid. Passed
P&I Protection and indemnity
Pkge Package
P/L Partial loss
P&L Profit and loss
PLA Port of london authority
pm Premium
P/N Promissory note
poc Port of call
POD Pay on delivery
por Port of refuge
pp Picked ports, Per procuration
ppd Prepaid
ppi Policy proof of interest
ppt Prompt (loading)
PR Port risks. Parcel receipt
P/R Provisional release
pr Pair
P/S Public sale
PT Parcel ticket
pt Private terms
Ptg.Std. Petrograd Standard (timber)
PV Petite vitesse (slow goods train)
qlty Quality
Qn Quotation
qrs Quarters
qty Quantity
qv Quod vide
R/A Refer to acceptor
RAT Rapeseed Association terms
R&CC Riots and civil commotions
RCC&S Riots, civil commotions and strikes
R/D Refer to drawer
rd Running days
RDC Running down clause
reg Registered
res Residue
RI Re-insurance
RNLI Royal national life boat
rob Ramaining on board Rotation number
R/p Return of post
RP Return premium. Replay paid
rpm Revolutions per minute
RS Revised statutes (usa)
RT Rye terms
rtba Rate to be arranged
SA South america,(africa, australya)
s/a Safe arrival. Subject to approval
sanr Subject to approval no risk
SB Short bill
sbs Surveyed before shipment
SC Salvage charges
SD Sea damaged
Sd Short delivery
s.d Snow damage
S&FA Shipping and forwarding agent
S&HE Sundays and holidays excepted
SHP Shaft horse power
shpt Shipment
SI Short interest
sk Sack
SL Salvage loss
S/L.C Sue and labour clause
sld Sailed
S/N Shipping note
SO Seller’s option
SOL Shipowners liability
Soton Southampton
SP Supra protest
spd Steamer pays dues
Str Steamer
SR&CC Strikes, riots and civil commotions
SRL Ship repairer’s liability
SR ports USA Atlantic ports
ss steamship
ss&c Same sea and country
ss or b Stranded, sunk, or burnt
st Short ton
Std Standart (timber)
stg Sterling
stk Stock Station to station
sv Sailing vessel
SW Shipper’s weight
SWG Standart wire guage
S/Y Steam yacht
t Tons. Tonnes
T Tare. Ton
T&G Tongued and grooved (timber)
t&p Theft and pilferage (petty)
t&s Touch and stay
TB Trial balance
T/C Till countermanded
TE Trade expenses
TGB Tongued, grooved and beaded
TIB Trimmed in bunkers
TL Total loss
TLO Total loss only
T/O Transfer order
Tonn Tonnage
TPC Tonnes per centimetre
TQ Tale quale (as found)
Tr Trustee
TR Tons registered
tss Twin screw sreamer
TT Telegraphic transfer
U/A Underwriting account
ucb Unless caused by
ud Under deck
UK United kingdom
UK/Cont United kingdom or continent
UK/Cont.BH Unitet kingdom or continent Bordeaux, Hamburg range
UK/Cont.GH Unitet kingdom or continent Gibralter, Hamburg range
UK/Cont.HH Unitet kingdom or continent Havre Hamburg range
UKfo Unitet kingdom for orders
UKHAD Unitet kingdom Havre, Antwerp or Dunkirk
up Under proof
us Under seal
u/w Under writer
v Versus (against). Via
VC Valuation clause
vop Value as in original policy
vsl Vessel
vv Vice versa
WA With average
WB Water ballast. Warehouse book Way bill
WB/EI West britain/ East ireland
wbs Without benefit or salvage
WCA West coast of Africa
WCNA West coast of north America
WCSA West coast of south America
Wd Warranted
WFTU World federation of trade unions
wg Weight guaranteed
whf Wharf
WHO World health organisation
whse Warehouse
WI West indies
wkg Working
W/M Wight and/or measurement
WNA Winter north atlantic
wob Washed overboard
WOL Wharfowner’s liability
wp Without prejudice.Weather permitting
WPA With particular average
wpp Waterproof paper packing
WR Warehouse receipt
wro War risk only
wt Weigth
Wtd Warranted
W/W Warehouse warrant
WWD Weather working days
xc Ex coupon
xd Ex dividend


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