Cement/Clinker Protective Clause

a) Charterers undertake to use holds as less as possible provided vessels stability trim and stress permitting. 

b) Should an additional/special wash down of holds before loading be required/recommended by independent surveyors appointed by Charterers at their expense.

c) Charterers have the option to cut holes in vessels hatch covers for loading bulkcement on following conditions.

1) All cutting and restoring of the holes to be fully supervised/attended/approved by vessels classification surveyor with written documents.

2) Holes not to be cut within the same frame space with the existing grain feeding holes and to be cut at the suitable place of hatch cover in accordance with vessels builder’s specification.

Welt protection to bilge well of all holds is strictly necessary to keep smooth suction while discharging hold washing water by using gum tapes(plaster) or so when restoring cement holds chill plates or similar material deemed necessary by Master/surveyor to be fitted for complete welding in order to reinstate the hatch covers back to their original condition.

3) After completion of restoring holes Owners’ option to have hose test carried out in presence with vessel’s classification surveyor and test result should be up to his satisfaction otherwise Charterers have obligation to rectify the situation until when satisfied by the vessel’s classification surveyors.

4) Charterers indemnify Owners of all possible cargo solidification due to hold sweating which it is impossible to avoid by proper operation of existing natural ventilation system.

5) All time for preparing cutting and restoring up to classification surveyors satisfaction as well as all expenses including classification surveyor’s fees and expenses shall be for Charterers’ account.

6) After loading Charterers undertake to arrange at their expense any special/extra trimming and/or levelling of cargo to Master’s satisfaction and also Charterers to give reasonable time to allow for the cargo settle and any air to escape before vessel’s departure from loading berth/port.

7) Charterers are to wash all holds by fresh water immediately after completion of discharge and thoroughly remove residues and cement dust in holds at Charterers’ time and expense to Master’s satisfaction. Bilge water not to be pumped through ships bilge lines but to be pumped overboard by submerge pump supplied by Owners if same not onboard.

Crew to perform such cleaning if requested by Charterers and if peunitted by local regulations, but Charterers still be responsible for the removal of dirty water after hold cleaning.

8) Any extra expenses resulting there from/incurred thereby and any detention through any of above causes to be for Charterers’ account.

9) Intermediate hold cleaning US$2,000.00 per hold if for bulk cement trading voyage. 




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