A bunker survey establishes the amount of bunker and lube oil onboard the vessel. These surveys are an important loss-prevention measure since documentation of bunker operations is required in the event of a dispute or claim.

Improper collection and distribution of bunker samples may risk the settlement of a subsequent claim in the event of a dispute. Our marine inspectors have extensive experience conducting bunker surveys prior to and after time charter periods.


A conditional survey is usually done in association with a bunker survey. A conditional survey is performed to inspect and record the condition of the loading gear, cargo holds and hatches of the vessel.

Our inspectors are highly regarded internationally. They provide you with documented independent proof of the actual condition of the vessel you are buying, chartering or using. The findings and the report that High Seas inspectors provide can be used to substantiate claims that may arise as a result of damage to the vessel or cargo.

Conditional and bunker surveys are two High Seas commercial carrier inspections that give you financial protection and peace of mind when shipping bulk cargo.

Whether you are the owner or the charterer, it is critical to have sound, reputable documentation of the condition of a vessel at the beginning and conclusion of a charter agreement. This information is crucial in the event of a dispute over the condition and maintenance of the vessel following a charter term.


High Seas’s experienced marine surveyors represent you. They inspect your vessel prior to the commencement of the charter. They examine the equipment on board and document its condition and state of maintenance. At the end of the charter, he re-examines the vessel and documents any noteworthy changes. Detailed reports are then given to all parties involved in the charter. The report can be a key piece of independent evidence that can protect your interests in the case of a dispute over the maintenance state or condition of a vessel at the conclusion of a charter.

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