Bunker Protective Clause


 1) According to Solas Chapter VI/ Regulation 5-1, the fuel physical suppliers have to provide a material safety data sheet(MSDS) to the vessel’s Chief Engineer prior to loading of the marine fuel oils. Therefore,

the fuel transfer process may only begin after the MSDS has been reviewed and approved by the vessel’s Chief Engineer . If MSDS could not be provided or is not suitable according to the recommendation of MARPOL Annex I cargoes and marine fuel oils, adopted by the Organization by resolution MSC.150(77), the supply then to be rejected by the Master, and all related expenses/time loss arising therefrom are to be for Charterers account.

2) All bunkers, bunker suppliers, bunker delivery procedures (compliant bunker delivery notes and sampling Location at ship’s manifold), etc and all bunker specs must fully comply with the latest requirements of “ Marpol / EU(European Union) / EU community ports(and berths) / IMO-regulated emission control areas(ECAs) for limitation on the low sulphur content of bunkers to be used within the requested area/place and emission control and/or similar applicable requirements/amendments [inclusive of “EU sulphur directive 2005/33/EC” ] “ . And, DNVPS or equivalent bunker quality/quantity survey at bunkering port(s) for Charterers account.


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